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Anthony Bourdain

Nob Hill Gazette


Resplendent Quetzal and Climate Change

Rethinking Schools Magazine


Roger Glenn


Zodiac Cats

For the ineffable effable effanineffable Leona Moon Astrology

Memphis Minnie

Blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. 1897-1973.  Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Son House

American Delta blues singer and guitarist, 1902-1988. For Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Charley Patton

American Delta blues musician, 1891-1934. For Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Tampa Red

Tampa Red, 1904-1981, was an influential Chicago blues guitarist/singer-songwriter. He played a golden national steel guitar with a slide. Sometimes he played pop music and also developed a bawdy and humorous type of blues called Hokum. His style of music is a bridge between traditional rural blues and the urban electric. 


Skip James

American Delta blues singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter, 1902-1969. Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Of Poetry & Protest at Shakespeare and Company, Paris France

Pleased to find a book I helped design and illustrate titled "Of Poetry & Protest" at Shakespeare & Company bookstore located in the heart of Paris. Shakespeare and Co is an English-language bookshop located in historic Paris in a former monastery. In the spirit of Sylvia Beach's original Shakespeare & Co, George Whitman opened his shop in 1951 to be a “socialist utopia masquerading as a bookstore". This store would soon influence Lawrence Ferlinghetti to open City Lights Books in San Francisco, 1953.

Of Poetry & Protest features 43 contemporary African-American poets.

Booker White

Booker White, 1906-1977, was an American blues musician, singer and songwriter.  For Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Ideal Home Studio

Strings Magazine interviewed musicians about what their ideal home studio would look like.  Here's some visual highlights.  

Elizabeth Cotten

Elizabeth Cotten, 1893-1987, was an American folk and blues musician, singer and songwriter. Self-taught, left-handed, and on an upside-down guitar, Libba created a signature style called "Cotten picking". For Acoustic Guitar Magazine.


Strings Magazine

R.L. Burnside

American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist, 1926-2005. Acoustic Guitar Magazine