Mover's & Shakers, Nob Hill Gazette


Unpublished book in progress

Bay Area Map

Nob Hill Gazette

My Cause, Nob Hill Gazette

Movers & Shakers, Nob Hill Gazette

How Game of Thrones Changed Television

The Financial Times


Unpublished book in progress

Feliz Cumpleanos

Rethinking Schools Magazine considers birthday songs from different cultures

Mover’s & Shakers

Nob Hill Gazette

"My Cause"

Nob Hill Gazette

Kanye West, Playboy Magazine

Adam Smith

Portrait of political economist and philosopher Adam Smith (1723-1790)


Anthony Bourdain

Nob Hill Gazette


Resplendent Quetzal and Climate Change

Rethinking Schools Magazine


Zodiac Cats

For the ineffable effable effanineffable Leona Moon Astrology