How Game of Thrones Changed Television

The Financial Times

Kanye West, Playboy Magazine

"How Could We Let This Happen"

Rethinking Schools Magazine. A teacher's story about sexual harassment among second graders, a lack of institutional support, and reflections on rape culture .

Six-Year-Olds & Skin Color

For Rethinking Schools publications.  


Tampa Red

Tampa Red, 1904-1981, was an influential Chicago blues guitarist/singer-songwriter. He played a golden national steel guitar with a slide. Sometimes he played pop music and also developed a bawdy and humorous type of blues called Hokum. His style of music is a bridge between traditional rural blues and the urban electric. 


Aly Tamboura

Tamboura learned to code in San Quentin's tech program The Last Mile.  Now he has a career in the tech industry.

Corporate Greed

For Tikkun Magazine