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Movers & Shakers, Nob Hill Gazette

How Game of Thrones Changed Television

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"My Cause"

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Nick Drake

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Anthony Bourdain

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Son House

American Delta blues singer and guitarist, 1902-1988. For Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Charley Patton

American Delta blues musician, 1891-1934. For Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Tampa Red

Tampa Red, 1904-1981, was an influential Chicago blues guitarist/singer-songwriter. He played a golden national steel guitar with a slide. Sometimes he played pop music and also developed a bawdy and humorous type of blues called Hokum. His style of music is a bridge between traditional rural blues and the urban electric. 


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Skip James

American Delta blues singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter, 1902-1969. Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Booker White

Booker White, 1906-1977, was an American blues musician, singer and songwriter.  For Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Aly Tamboura

Tamboura learned to code in San Quentin's tech program The Last Mile.  Now he has a career in the tech industry.

Illustration West 55

Competition winner!  Check out the entries at Illustration West 55

Mstislav Rostropovich, Cellist

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